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Northland Buzz Group

October Buzz Here are some of the projects shared at the Northland Buzz Group. The Northland Buzz group is off and going with projects, quilting, & embroidery for the fall. Halloween is upon us followed by Thanksgiving & Christmas. Everyone is getting geared up so…
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IQ Designer Art

I am a fan of geometric animal art, and bulls are one of my favorite animals. So, I decided to make some art with the Baby Lock Solaris and wanted to share with you how I do it. The first thing I do is find some line art that I can convert into stitches using IQ Designer. My…
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FTCU Update Cross Reference

Dale has developed this cross reference for all of Floriani's instructional videos which are kept in the various update files. It lists the various features that there are instructions for and which update to open to find them. To find the Update History: After opening the…