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Northland Stars February ’20 Newsletter

February is here and the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, so hopefully we’ll have an early spring. My husband also saw a Robin in our yard that day too. Robin’s usually mean spring is on its way. We quilters and sewers in the Northland will be ready for it. 

Kay has brought us two new quilt designs. The black, white, and gray is from the Michael Miller fabrics the MoSew stores were selling. The second is giraffe fabric. So darling. 

Delia has been doing tea towels while getting ready for spring. These designs are from Embroidery Library. 

Doris took the kitchen utility class in November where we made these gorgeous hot-pads and Mitts. The Mitts and Hot-pads could be specialized with material that fit a specific personality or décor. So Doris took this Christmas present to the next level. Not only did she make them for her sisters, but the sister-in-laws and the neighbors as well. She also made them for some of her service people, aunts, and the list goes on… but each time  she wrapped them she also made these beautiful star angels to hang up and placed them on top of the gifts for the ribbon. So, so, so creative…..I’m in awe….

Sandy has brought us some amazing quilts. An Easte one made of all Kaye Fasset material, and the other quilt was a kit that she made for a quilt of valor. 

Debbie brought us her temperature quilt for the year she was married. How intriguing. She is just the most talented quilter. 

Rhonda made a “Posh” makeup bag. LOVE  the fabric. It so cute!!!!

Barb is one of those amazing quilters too. She has done a “one block wonder”. It’s gorgeous!

Ida brought her Kimberbell Mug Rug from January as well as a quilt for her 8 y/o granddaughter. Then with the scraps she made a quilt for her granddaughter to use when holding her new baby brother.

Ilene made a quilt for her great granddaughter. I tell you her quilts are so amazing. 

Susie and Terri got together and sewed 20 mission quilts. But Terri was also donated material by the new quilt shop in Smithville “Bowlins” and her quilt is going to be hung in the shop. It’s a lot of peach but beautiful!!!

And here’s some of the Mission Quilts