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FTCU Update Cross Reference

Dale has developed this cross reference for all of Floriani's instructional videos which are kept in the various update files. It lists the various features that there are instructions for and which update to open to find them. To find the Update History: After opening the…
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Sewing Hacks

7 Simple Sewing Hacks. As we venture along in our sewing journeys, we tend to encounter a multitude of scenarios in which we’re left thinking ”my gosh there has got to be a better way to do this”. For me, that’s usually uttered fairly early on in the project, and then…
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A whole new world. Something wonderful has been going on in the world of quilting, and it was only recently that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon it. Imagine a 4 day extravaganza with 15,000 people, 500 quilts, dozens of vendors, countless exhibitors and a…