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North Store Clubs

Hello to all you Northland sewing enthusiasts! I want to share with you some of the wonderful projects/things going on here at the north store of Missouri Sewing Machine Company. The first Saturday of every month at 10:00am we have “What’s the Buzz”. This is a show and tell…
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Northland Buzz Group

October Buzz Here are some of the projects shared at the Northland Buzz Group. The Northland Buzz group is off and going with projects, quilting, & embroidery for the fall. Halloween is upon us followed by Thanksgiving & Christmas. Everyone is getting geared up so…
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IQ Designer Art

I am a fan of geometric animal art, and bulls are one of my favorite animals. So, I decided to make some art with the Baby Lock Solaris and wanted to share with you how I do it. The first thing I do is find some line art that I can convert into stitches using IQ Designer. My…