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Embroidery Club January ’20 Newsletter

Since the weather forecast was so threatening, I was pleased to see so many people. Lots of great projects. As always, Dale had a lot of good information. Not only did he show us how he did his digitizing, but he answered the question on how to update the Floriani software. As I have said before, he is a good resource for us.

Carolyn inspired us to try our own designs when she showed us her Royals earrings that she digitized. When she found out how to eliminate the thread nests on her in-the-hoop quilting, she promised to let us see how it works.

Linda has the patience to do stand alone lace work to make her lovely nutcracker. It makes it seem worthwhile to take the time it requires. It’s nice to see how our hobby can be used to benefit others as is the case with the toy owls that Clara makes. When you see the process that Debbie went through to produce a good design, it’s a chance for all of us to learn. I didn’t realize that when you iron a finished design with steam, the stabilizer can shrink to produce puckering.

We learn a lot from each other. Even from the mistakes we make. The Kimberbell classes certainly do provide a good opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their embroidery skills. It’s nice to see the projects that they have been doing and every one is beautifully done. Enjoy the newsletter!