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Embroidery Club November ’19 Newsletter

It’s amazing that some of us have actually gotten a lot of Christmas sewing done. There were so many good ideas. A lot of Sheilah’s family and friends will be pleased to be getting mug rugs, coin purses, and book covers. The girls getting Wilma’s candy bag purses will be very delighted with how unique they are. Carolyn still has to put together her Thomas the Train quilt for her grandson and did amazing work on the designs. Marcie is working with the Indian Creek elementary school and makes a duffel bag a desirable prize for a child achieving a reading goal. Debbie’s reading pillow makes such a good gift for a little one. Judy reminded us that we might as well wrap our gifts in fabric with a drawstring bag. After all we probably have some extra fabric 😊. I’m not sure why Norma needs a dammit doll, but I can see that it could be very useful. Great poem. Dale will make you look at pictures and art designs as possible embroidery. Many of us do have software for this purpose and need the motivation we get seeing how he has done it.

We will not have club in December so the next one will be in January.
Have a great Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.