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Isolation Gowns

While masks are a very important form of personal protective equipment (PPE) , gowns are also necessary to protect both the wearer and those they come in close contact with from infection. Hospitals, nursing homes, and all types of medical facilities have suffered shortages of…
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Giving Thanks

For Those Who Brave The Stitch The season of thanks is upon us. That time of year when we glance into life’s rearview mirror, take inventory of that which we’ve collected through the years, and thank all those responsible. Just as the needles and thread have made our…
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Why Do You Sew?

It's a question I've been wondering for a while now, practically my whole life. Why do you sew? Even the definition of sewing doesn't exactly make it sound all that exhilarating.  Wow...riveting. But let's dive a little deeper. My early experiences with sewing, probably like…