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Giving Thanks

Giving thanks

For Those Who Brave The Stitch

The season of thanks is upon us. That time of year when we glance into life’s rearview mirror, take inventory of that which we’ve collected through the years, and thank all those responsible. Just as the needles and thread have made our garments, these things accrued—family, friends, memories—have stitched together our very selves through years of measuring, cutting, pinning, and sewing. And sometimes seam ripping, re-pinning, re-sewing. Though I’m eternally thankful for those who’ve made life as precious and enjoyable as it has been, this particular thanks goes out to the littler things, those that make sewing the incredibly enjoyable frustrating satisfaction that it is. Enjoy.

1. My machine! It’s an older Janome DC4030, but it’s a goodie. You know, there’s still buttons I’m not sure I’ve pressed yet on this thing. So while you’re in the giving mood, go ahead and give some of those unpressed buttons a push this holiday season, you never know what wonderful things they could do.

2. This cruddy iron. I know I’m in need of an upgrade, but it’s tough to let go of your first.

3. Wine. Lots of wine. It’s almost as if sewing and wine were meant to be together. You know that moment when you realize you stitched a 1/2” seam allowance, and cut your fabric accounting for a 1/4” seam allowance? That’s when I grab the wine.

4. Chalk! Ok I know all you “experts” out there may not need to draw lines for every stitch, but golly I do. Heck, even with the lines drawn I STILL have trouble keeping my stitch straight. Oh…now I see how the wine could cause problems.

5. Miles of rotary cutting mats. This may seem like a no-brainer, but gosh do you remember the days before cutting mats? Of course not, nobody does, they were invented thousands of years ago (that math is most certainly wrong) but gee they do make life easier.

6. The fabric. With a world of possibilities before us, we are spoiled with riches of fabric.

7. And of course. All of you. Those who brave the stitch. The trials and tribulations that sewing presents are greater than I bargained for. It tests the limits of your patience and determination, being ever unforgiving in it’s most difficult of maneuvers. I’m thankful for all of you who have made a dress for a daughter or granddaughter, donated to Project Linus, hemmed a pair of jeans, replaced a button, or even those who’ve barely pressed the pedal. To all of you, from myself and all of Missouri Sewing Machine Company, thank you.

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