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Charity Sewing At Mosew


For a Great Cause

Missouri Sewing Machine Company has always been a drop off point for The Linus Project—people who make blankets for children in hospitals—however, there has been an interesting thing going on at the North & Lenexa stores this past year. Quietly, and without seeking recognition or reward, the managers, Marlene and Cris, have been conducting charity sew days at their stores. Customers who’ve expressed interest in sewing for various charities have been given a time to gather at the stores about once a month and have a ‘sew-in’. While recognition is not their reason for giving their time, talent and treasure to worthy causes, we thought we’d share what they have been up to.

Fabric donations roll in for these sewists. Some people donating fabric are stash busting, some folks have passed away and family members look for a place to put fabric to good use, and others are buying fabric, to supplement the donations, for color coordination. There have been times where fabric needs to be washed, and our employees and customers step right up and take it home for cleaning, ironing and folding, then it comes back to the store for the “Sew-ins”.

The North Store in the last year made Quilts of Valor—quilts for City Union Mission’s summer camp for children—and gift bags for them at Christmas. They’ve also made crisis quilts for children whose families come into the mission seeking shelter and assistance. North has also made Dog and Cat blankets for the Lawrence, KS Animal shelter, Quilts for Children’s Mercy hospital, and their latest venture is hats and scarves for low income and homeless childeren in the North Kansas City School District, which will be donated this month.

Lenexa’s Store has been active with their group sewing as well, creating pressure point pillows for patients in hospitals, cancer hats, scarves and walker totes. They also make goodie bags for troops overseas, and rice bags for Veterinarians to sooth the animals. Cris has a whole list of plans for 2018.

We find that we have the most generous customers, donating their treasure of fabrics, batting, thread, and other items, as well as their time and talent to help others. We are very proud of our managers for coordinating these events in our stores. They didn’t need the recognition, but we thought we’d tip our hats to them anyway. If you’re interested in participating, please contact either the North or Lenexa stores for more information, and to those who have been taking part, thank you!