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Lisa Passantino’s Wall Hanging

We’ve received another update from a member of our community! Lisa Passantino has sent us pictures of what she’s been working on while hunkered down. First is her gnome wall hanging with Evy Hawkins applied bees, which are three dimensional, and the rest of the designs are from Embroidery Library. The second thing she’s been working on is her seasonal mantle. The framed pictures above the mantle are all Embroidery Library designs, such a creative and fun idea! Sharing these projects is a great way to give others in our community creative inspiration, and in times like these the positivity rings loudly, so thank you Lisa for contributing!


Anybody else who wants to submit a project they’re working on can do so by clicking here and filling in the form at the bottom of the page, along with attaching a picture. We look forward to receiving more projects and we’ll continue to post the ones you send. Keep up the great sewing everybody!

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