• Custom Machine Insert

    Custom Machine Insert

    $119.00 More Details
  • Suzi Storage

    Suzi Storage

    $169.00 More Details
  • Gidget I

    Gidget I Table

    $179.00 More Details
  • Gidget

    Gidget II Table

    $198.00 More Details
  • Gingerbread Sewing Chair

    Gingerbread Sewing Chair

    $219.00 More Details
  • Oak Sewing Chair

    Oak Sewing Chair

    $219.00 More Details
  • Hydraulic Sewing Chair

    Hydraulic Sewing Chair

    $290.00 More Details
  • Flat Table Main

    MoSew Blank Table with Flat Base

    Request Price

    Request Price

    If you don’t see a price on the machine it is because the manufacturer won’t let us advertise our price. But they will let us e-mail the price to you! So type in your e-mail and we will send you our current price list. You WILL NOT be signing up for anything else by giving us your e-mail. You will receive one and only one e-mail. And if you want the price list for the next month, you will have to come back and request it again.
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  • Auntie Cabinet

    Auntie Cabinet

    $498.00 More Details
  • Mod

    Mod 5 Drawer Caddy

    $549.00 More Details
  • Sewnatra Cabinet

    Sewnatra Cabinet

    $579.00 More Details
  • Mod Thread

    Mod Thread Caddy

    $595.00 More Details