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Northland Stars September Newsletter

Where does the time go? September has flown by and many of us are getting gifts ready for family at Christmas time, and some of us are just getting ourselves a personal gift.

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Terri has made a beautiful wedding present for a couple. The Bride only wanted one design, so the design had to be enlarged and placed in the middle of the quilt. Stunning!!!

Ilene is showing off her new technique—the North Star Irish Chain pattern—that she will teach a class on at MoSew in October. Check it out on the web. Linda finished her Astra Star and what stunning colors!!!!!

Debbie and Lauren are now working together. Lauren is marketing Debbie’s Bags and consulting her on how to improve them. Today’s bag is a grocery bag that folds up into a billfold.

Rita is quilting again she is so talented. She has 2 beautiful quilts. Not only are they quilted but one has embroidery on it. WOW!!!

Karen is always designing and embellishing on her quilts, so she made a story board quilt and a fish quilt. She has done a whale of a job. I just love her quilts.

Janet has been trying out a new towel pattern design. It’s an adorable bee design. 

Margarita has been busy with embroidering on tea towels and a sweat shirt. Her work is so amazing.

I say it every time I come to the end of a newsletter, aren’t these quilters and embroiderers talented?! I know the busy holidays are starting to show their heads in the planning for the next few months, but you’re always welcome the first Saturday of the month at the BUZZ. We welcome all Quilters, Embroiderers, Seamtrists, & Crafters to join us. There is always learning of new ideas going on at the North store.

See you next month!!!