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Northland Stars October ’19 Newsletter

Fall is finally here, and we here in the Northland are getting ready with adorable items, check them out!

Rhonda had made several beautiful fall table runners. 

Margarite has been embroidering again. I tell you, this woman’s stitches are the finest around. She does some of the best tea towels and T-shirts. But this time she did a bag. So talented. She also refurbished some old jeans. What a comfortable fall jacket. 

Lauren is using her stash to do the storm at sea class she is taking at MoSew. Who but Lauren would do Christmas fabric for “storm at sea”?. We love you Lauren. It is going to be gorgeous. 

Dori has a new pattern for an iron carrier when you go to a class. Especially after class when your iron is hot, you can work up to the end and just plop it into this carrier then go home. No need to worry about the heat of the iron touching something. This is really cool!!!

She went to New Jersey Beach to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary with family. She made tea towels for family members and made her bag.

Terri finished her Japanese cherry blossom tree, then added the special effects of 3D butterflies all over her quilt. She is also going to a flamingo bridal shower so she made an apron.

That Debbie is always finding ways to use up your stash and make mesmerizing things for gifts or things just for yourself. The first picture is a 9 X 13 pan hot carrier, that stores flat. She also made a Cheshire Cat bag and bags out placemats. How Cool! Also, she made the double floating wedding ring that she will be teaching. Besides showing the uses of all these things she had time to complete two mission quilts as well. Amazing. 

Heidi was busy sewing too. She completed her top from the program held at MoSew, and made matching shirts for her and her husband to go to Vegas. Then she made another top, that pattern came from the regional quilt festival.

Linda is so talented. She knitted her sweater. Marlene will send out the pattern, so look for it in your mailbox. She has also been playing with all the stitches on her Solaris.

Marlene has been busy quilting for her new baby nephew as well.  This is a quilt of space that she designed. Emily is working with the Michael Miller material color that you find in the stores. It’s a work in progress. The colors are beautiful. 

All these projects and quilts are just so marvelous. I am always overwhelmed at all the things I see every month. You Northland quilters and sewers do great things. We hope to see everyone in November. 

Until then, ta ta…