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Northland Stars November ’19 Newsletter

Time is flying by and the holidays are fast approaching, but the Northland quilters are on the ball. We have some great things to showcase to you today.

Judy made a quilt for her grandson. I’m not sure if it’s for Christmas or not, but he’s one lucky little guy. 

Ida took the storm at sea class and used a panel of the Split Rock Lake  Light House in Superior, MN. It is Gorgeous!!!

Ilene made Chiefs stockings for her daughter’s dogs. The two things her daughter loves the most are her dogs and the Chiefs.

Linda has been really busy this month making fall table toppers, towels   and table runners. They are amazing and the colors are beautifully done in fall. 

Vicki took on a big project this year. She did a Jen Kingwell quilt pattern. Fabulous!!!

Lauren has part of her Christmas quilt together. We all know how hard it is to work and have time to sew/quilt. We appreciate your energy Lauren. Not only will it be beautiful but it will be a big quilt when you’re done. 

Rhonda started a turn dash quilt with remakes of ’30’s material. They are all so bright and colorful. She’s getting ahead for spring, but she stays abreast with the season with this simple but elegant Thanksgiving table runner too.

Terri’s making hot pads for Christmas. She also made a special Christmas wall hanging for her grand-daughter who is raising money for a band trip. Check out the back.

Sandy tells us she is a traditionalist quilter, but for some reason she thought she needed to try to come out of her box, so she made a quilt of all Kaye Fasset material. She says that it will be the last. This is her “Cat Quilt” .

Kay has done a quilt using chisels. It’s in Fall Colors. Beautiful.

Janet made a Kleenex cover for your purse Kleenex’s. She had to shrink the pattern to make it fit and her new Solaris did it for her. She also made her raincoat out of material she got in Canada. It’s called shell. It’s slick on one side and warm one the other, like a very light fleece. It’s really COOL!!!!

Linda finished her Halloween Quilt and did some individual quilted and painted blocks.

Rita has brought a darling baby quilt. Who could do without their mug rugs for the holidays?

Marlene just couldn’t stop at one space quilt for her nephew. What do think she was going to do with all those space material scraps? Make another quilt of course.

Emily has been working on a baby blanket for a friend with Michel Miller fabric. 

I can’t wait ’til December to see the new projects. These people are amazing. Remember, we meet the 1st Saturday of the month and all are welcome. Quilters, sewers, crafters, etc. I love learning about someone’s talent. Until next month, see you then. Happy Thanksgiving!!!