Kangaroo II Cabinet

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The Kangaroo II Cabinet has an ingenious use of space. With a removable cover, the Kangaroo II Cabinet lets you easily transform your cabinet into a flat work surface. The Kangaroo II also features a cleverly hidden quilt leaf, as well as a removable cover for the large left drawer which allows you to maximize every inch of the Kangaroo’s surface. Whether you prefer free arm or flat bed positioning, the Kangaroo II Cabinet’s ergonomic design will keep you comfortable while you continue to do what you love.

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key features

  • Heavy-duty locking casters provide excellent portability and stability
  • Quilt leaf stored on the back of the cabinet
  • Dual-hydraulic lift
  • A removable cover is used to protect the sewing machine when in the storage position
  • Removable front panel to use knee lifter