Baby Lock Sashiko 2

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The Baby Lock Sashiko 2 is the only machine of its kind. It makes a lock st itch that looks like hand stitching. In other words, there is a blank space between the stitches. You can adjust the look of the stitch by change the length of the stitch, and the size of the spacing. The Sashiko is able to sew through quilts, and wearable fabric as long as the material does not stretch. It uses 40wt. polyester or cotton thread, and the thread is doubled over when making the stitch. If you want the look of hand stitching, but don’t have the time to sew by hand, the Baby Lock Sashiko 2 is for you.

Baby Lock Sashiko 2 is available at these locations:


210 NE Barry Rd KC MO
816 468 5799

Johnson County

12046 West 95th Overland Park KS
913 722 6366


3010 S 291 Hwy Independence MO
816 373 7997


1011 E Truman Rd KC MO
816 471 1276

key features

  • Exclusive Sashiko Stitch
  • Adjustable Stitch Length
  • Adjustable Space Length
  • Adjustable Foot Height
  • Adjustable Foot Pressure
  • Automatic Needle Positioner
  • 34lbs.


  • 25 Years Casting
  • 5 Years Parts
  • 5 Years Circuit Boards
  • 5 Years Electrical
  • 1 Year Labor
  • Gold Standard Available

Below is our interactive features table. Instead of providing a list of features that have no explanation of what they are and what they do, we have decided to create a table to help you learn about the different machine features. We are constantly improving this table to make learning about the different machines and their features easier. If you cannot find the information you're looking for, please feel free to call, come in, or e-mail any questions you have.

Accessory Storage

Side of Machine

Bed Type


Bobbin Winding

Automatic Declutch

Foot Pressure

Turn Dial Foot Pressure

Hook Type

Bottom Loading Oscillating

Needle Type


Display Type

LED Display


LED Bulb

Maximum Speed

200 SPM

Maximum Stitch Length


Maximum Stitch Spacing


Minimum Stitch Length


Minimum Stitch Spacing