Available at These Locations

Available at These Locations

Baby Lock Coronet

The Affordable Machine Guided Quilter

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The Baby Lock Coronet is a 16” longarm quilting machine. There are four different quilting frames the Coronet can use with sizes ranging from five feet to twelve feet. The throat space height is 8 inches, and quilts up to 1,800 stitches per minute. Plus, the Coronet has one of the best stitch regulators on the market. You will set the size of stitches you want, and the machine will guarantee that size no matter how fast or slow you move the machine. The Coronet also has a full-color display screen , and notifies you when your bobbin thread is almost out. Plus it will tell you how many stitches you put on each quilt. That kind of information may be necessary if you are quilting for someone else, and charge by the number of stitches. The Coronet uses a large M Class bobbin that holds more thread than a standard bobbin, and has a front-loading bobbin case to keep you from getting on the floor to change bobbins. It also has an external bobbin winder with an automatic shutoff switch. Look at the Coronet if you get a chance, it is an amazing long-arm quilter.

Baby Lock Coronet is available at these locations:


210 NE Barry Rd KC MO
816 468 5799

Johnson County

12046 West 95th Overland Park KS
913 722 6366


3010 S 291 Hwy Independence MO
816 373 7997


1011 E Truman Rd KC MO
816 471 1276