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Sewing Hacks

Sewing Hacks

7 Simple Sewing Hacks.

As we venture along in our sewing journeys, we tend to encounter a multitude of scenarios in which we’re left thinking ”my gosh there has got to be a better way to do this”. For me, that’s usually uttered fairly early on in the project, and then several more times thereafter. But all hope is not lost. Some of these frustrating moments have simple remedies, and I’d like to share a few that I’ve stumbled upon. Here’s some simple sewing hacks to help you on your path to sewing enlightenment. Ok that might be a little hyperbolic, but gosh they sure do help.

1. If you have the vision of a superhero and the deft hand of a surgeon then this may not apply to you. But for us mere mortals, threading a needle is FRUSTRATING. I know, I should just upgrade to a machine with an automatic needle threader. But for those of us who don’t have one, or a handy needle threading tool lying around, a little hairspray can do the trick. Just spray the end of the thread, and glide it effortlessly through.

2. A particularly neat trick I learned recently applies to DIY patterns. If you make your own patterns using freezer paper or wax paper, then say goodbye to pinning. When cutting your fabric, simply lay your pattern wax side down, and iron it to the fabric. It will stick, making cutting it out extremely simple. When you’re finished, just peel the pattern off the fabric, it will come off clean and effortlessly.

3. Scissors a little dull? Don’t have a sharpener lying around? Just grab a piece of aluminum foil, make a few slits, and you’re good to go.

4. Need a little assistance marking seam allowances? Just put a rubber band around two pencils and you’re all set! This definitely makes curves much easier.

5. Speaking of rubber bands. I am historically bad at sewing straight lines. I’m not even good at drawing a straight line to follow. But this little rubber band trick has changed my life. If you wrap a rubber band around your machine, and line it up where you want your seam allowance, it makes sewing straight a breeze. It even helps as a little guard to prevent you from going off course.

6. Wonder tape. Oh. My. Gosh. This magical piece of sewing greatness may be common knowledge to most of you, but I wish it was the first thing anybody ever told me about sewing. Have you ever tried pinning a zipper? It’s a nightmare. I literally have had nightmares about zippers. But thanks to wonder tape I fret no more. Just put a strip on each side of the zipper, and the process becomes a lot less scary. It has a million other uses too. You can use it for holding down seams or securing a trim. Seriously, get yourself some if you don’t have any, it’s terrific.

7. And lastly, for those times when you do need pins. I’ve had the same set of pins for…ever. And let’s face it, eventually they get tough to slide through the fabric. Well if you’ve struggled with this like I have, just stick those pins in a bar of hand soap for a second, and after you remove them they’ll glide through fabric like butter. Don’t use butter by the way…I tried.

Well there you have it. 7 simple sewing hacks. I hope this at least helped some of you!