Senza 200DS

Double Duty


The Senza 200DS is a revolutionary two-in-one ironing solution. For simple tasks, the iron detaches from the ironing station allowing it to be used independently. For more extensive tasks, the iron can be hooked up to the ironing station which provides unlimited ironing capacity due to its auto refill system. The Senza 200DS has an easy to use steam volume control so you get the perfect amount of steam every time. It’s the perfect solution for both quick ironing tasks, and long sessions on laundry day.

Senza 200DS is available at these locations:


key features

  • Continuous steam system
  • 2 minute traditional iron heat up
  • 3.5 minute steam station heat up
  • 1L steam station water tank
  • 250ml traditional iron water tank
  • Steam ready light
  • Soleplate ready light
  • 2.7lb iron


  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty