Reliable 8000IS Long Hose

Continuous Steam


The Reliable 8000IS Long Hose is the same automatic iron station as the 8000IS, but it comes with a longer 11.5′ steam hose. The Reliable 8000IS Long Hose hooks up directly to a water line, and can provide continuous steam for an unlimited amount of time. There’s no more down time waiting for the boiler to re-pressurize. The 8000IS Long Hose is the ideal choice for environments that require large volumes of uninterrupted steam. Should the water supply become interrupted for any reason, the 8000IS Long Hose has an automatic shut-off of the pump. With its heavy-duty adjustable feet, the unit can be leveled to any working surface, and the carrying handles positioned on both sides all for safe transportation when necessary.

Reliable 8000IS Long Hose is available at these locations:


key features

  • Automatic shut-off of pump in case water supply is interrupted
  • Boiler thermostat reset switch
  • Heavy-duty adjustable feet
  • Low water light indicator
  • Regular tap water
  • Ranco pressure control
  • Blow down valve
  • 20-30 minute heat up time
  • Unlimited hours of continuous steam


  • Limited 1 year
  • Lifetime tank