MoSew Open Table with Flat Base

A commercial-grade table with unlimited uses.

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Request Price

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The MoSew Open Table is designed for household sewing and quilting machines. It’s open-face design makes it easy to place your machine in, and any sewing machine on the market can fit into it.  In order to fill the open area a custom-made acrylic table is made to perfectly fit your sewing machine.  The table top is made of 1-1/2″ laminated and glued plywood which helps reduce machine vibration and won’t prevents the table from bending or warping. Plus the all-steel legs and crossbars keep the table firmly together.  The base of the legs are flat with a rubber cushion that prevents the machine from ever moving no matter what material your floor is.

MoSew Open Table with Flat Base is available at these locations:


1011 E Truman Rd KC MO
816 471 1276

key features

  • American Made
  • 1.5" Plywood Table Top
  • Adjustable Height Legs
  • Solid Steel Cross Braces
  • Slide Drawer Included


  • 1 Year Table Top
  • 5 Years Legs
  • 25 Years Parts