Mod Squad 5 Piece Set

The Full Moddy

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* See page 1 of manual below for a list of incompatible machines

The new Modular suite includes the Mod Sewing Cabinet, Mod Corner Cabinet, Mod 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet, and Mod 3 Thread Caddy, and Mod 5 Thread Caddy. Each unit is 23″ deep and 30″ tall to line up perfectly with the others. They each have lockable casters allowing you to move them about and then lock them safely into place.

Grouped together the 5 Piece Modular Line allows for an “L” shape configuration lining a wall and corner taking up the least amount of floor space in a room. If you don’t want to line the wall, pull the units out and place them in your room where ever you want them.

The Mod Corner Cabinet features a manual 2-position lift mechanism. The Mod Sewing Cabinet includes a 3 position airlift mechanism. The Mod Thread Caddy has 3 pull-out thread drawers and 4 fabric baskets. The Mod 5 Drawer Caddy rounds out the collection with plenty of space to store your sewing notions and crafting supplies.

A Custom Machine Insert is available for many of our cabinets to ensure that you have a snug fitting platform around your machine when the cabinet is in the flatbed position.

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key features

  • Mod Sewing Cabinet: 38-1/2” x 23” x 30”
  • Mod 5 Drawer Caddy: 29-5/8” x 23” x 30”
  • Mod Thread Cabinet: 29-1/2” x 23” x 30”
  • Mod Corner Cabinet: 46-1/2” (from back corner to right or left side) x 39” x 30”


  • 3 Year Manufacturer Defects
  • 15 Day Shipping Damages