Mod Sewing Cabinet

Mod Sewing Cabinet

Cabinet in Disguise


Add an insert?

* See page 1 of manual below for a list of incompatible machines 

Our Mod Sewing Cabinet features an airlift mechanism to move your sewing machine or serger up and down into three positions: freearm, flatbed & storage. The lift will support a 55# sewing machine and the opening is 24” wide x 12-3/4” deep.

Another feature of the Mod Sewing Cabinet is the retractable, hinged pocket door that slides in and out of a side pocket. A tape measure on the front top panel will allow for quick measurements and 2 adjustable height shelves will allow for storage of insert or small notions. Place the wood cover (included) over the sewing well when your sewing machine is in the storage position and the top becomes a flush surface for other projects.

The custom machine insert is a plexi-glass piece made to the exact dimensions of the cabinet’s opening and your specific sewing machine. The insert is used only in the flatbed position of the cabinet, which is the second or middle position on the airlift.

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key features

  • Cabinet Dimensions: 38.5” wide x 23” deep x 30” tall
  • Shelf Dimensions: 6” wide x 14.5” deep
  • Will Accommodate Sewing Machines No Larger Than: 23.5 wide - 12.25” deep
  • Construction: Melamine/MDF/Composite
  • Platform Weight Limit: 55lbs.


  • 3 Years Manufacturer Defects
  • 15 Day Shipping Damages