Juki MO-6814S

The Four-Thread Industrial Serger

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The Juki MO-6814S is Juki’s most popular four-thread serger. It can be used not only as a four-thread serger but also a wide three-thread or narrow three-thread serger. This machine is the most popular serger we sell. The 6814S  is widely applicable to the sewing of light-to-medium weight materials. Since the machine is provided with a needle thread take-up mechanism and a looper thread take-up lever, high-quality, well-tensed soft seams are made with a beautiful texture which flexibly correspond to the elasticity of the materials even when run at speeds as high as 7,000 stitches per minute. In addition, the machine has a wider and brighter needle entry and provides improved responsiveness to the materials, thereby helping you use the machine more easily. The optimally-balanced design of the machine reduces both operating noise and vibration, contributing to more comfortable sewing work.

Juki MO-6814S is available at these locations:


1011 E Truman Rd KC MO
816 471 1276
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key features

  • 4-Thread or 3-Thread Overlock Stitch
  • Automatic Lubricating System
  • 60lbs
  • Quick Stitch Length Adjustment
  • Micro Differential Feed Adjustment
  • Carbide-Tipped Upper Cutting Blade
  • Adjustable Foot Pressure
  • Needle Cooler and Thread Heat Remover


  • 1 Year Parts
  • 1 Year Labor

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Feed Dog Rows

2 Rows

Maximum Number of Threads


Maximum Stitch Length


Minimum Stitch Length


Needle Spacing


2 other options are included with this model

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Stitch Width


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Type of Material

Light to Medium Weight

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Types of Stitches Available

3-Thread Overlock

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Differential Feed Ratio


Foot Pressure Adjustment

Top Turning Screw

Lower Blade Type


Maximum Speed


Needle Threader


Needle Type


Oiling System


Presser Foot Height


Presser Foot Lifter

Foot Pedal

Tension Type


Upper Blade Type

Carbide-Tipped Steel


60 lbs.