Available at These Locations

Available at These Locations

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Juki DNU-1541S

Our Most Popular Upholstery Machine

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The Juki DNU-1541S is a strong and consistent upholstery machine that has a more consistent feed system than its predecessors. Instead of the traditional elliptical feed dog movement, the 1541S uses a box feed that is able to grip the material better and have consistent stitches up and down seams. It is also the first upholstery machine that has a self-lubricating system. The machine pumps oil through the wicks inside the machine keeping your machine quiet and reliable. Plus, it has a built-in knee lifter and bobbin winder. The Juki DNU-1541S has more torque than its competitors and can sew easily through heavy-weight material. If you haven’t tried sewing with a new Juki upholstery machine, you need to.

Juki DNU-1541S is available at these locations:


1011 E Truman Rd KC MO
816 471 1276