Ginger Cabinet

Unique All-In-One

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See page 1 of manual below for a list of incompatible machines

The unique design of this cabinet allows for a sewing triangle: ironing, cutting and sewing in one spot.

The Ginger Cabinet is made to accommodate larger sewing machines, with an opening that is 23-3/4” wide x 12-1/2” deep (front to back).

A 2-Position Manual Lift on the cabinet allows you to easily move your machine from Freearm to Flatbed.

The ironing board on the side of cabinet allows for pressing just inches away from your machine.

The custom machine insert is a plexi-glass piece made to the exact dimensions of the cabinet’s opening and your specific sewing machine. The insert is used only in the flatbed position of the cabinet, which is the second or middle position on the airlift.


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key features

  • Dimensions Open: 61-1/4” wide x 31-1/2” deep x 29-1/2” tall
  • Dimensions Closed: 48-1/2″ wide x 31-12″ deep (front to back) x 29-1/2″ tall
  • To Accommodate Larger Sewing Machines
  • The Sewing Machine Opening is: 23-3/4” wide - 12-1/2” deep
  • Construction: Melamine/MDF/Composite
  • Manual Platform Weight Limit: 50lbs.


  • 3 Years Manufacturer Defects
  • 15 Day Shipping Damages