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Northland Quilters June Newsletter

Summer is in full swing. Everyone here in the north is busy taking summer classes, preparing for the KCRQF held here in Kansas City, and traveling this summer.

Ida has done this patriotic quilt. She’s ready for the 4th. What a beautiful quilt!!!

Marquerite has done a bobbin Embroidery last supper. OMG…it’s amazing .
I know she worked very hard on it.

Debbie is so talented. She can sew any bag or quilt and they are fabulous. Today she has her BOM from Prairie Point. 

Rita brought a couple of table top quilts. So adorable. One is a mirror image and the other are laptop size. One of them is a Thimbleberry pattern

Linda has been busy with ruler work & learning the bells and whistles on her new Solaris. 
Ilene brought her Sea at Storm Quilt for everyone to see that she did with a panel. There will be a class in July. 

Mary had two small quilts ready for the seasons. Mary is a fantastic Quilter.

Heidi is sewing for her husband. A shirt and a hat.

Lauren always has a quilt going. She finally finished her brothers quilt and is onto a new pattern. They are always are beautiful and very creative. 

Kathy’s been working on these delicate Judy Niemier Leaf Placemats, which are done with paper piecing. This are fantastic and Kathy is amazing paper piecer. 

We here in the north look forward to seeing everyone the first Saturday in July for the Buzz.

Remember all are welcomed. Quilters, embroiderers, crafters, and seamstresses. All are welcomed. 

Ta ta for now! See you in July!