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On The Mend: Episode 4

Mend Episode 4

90’s Themed Episode!

Oh gosh this is oughta be good. Dani was feeling rather nostalgic this month, so she decided to fire up the time machine and take us back to the 90’s to re-create a classic hair accessory from the decade: Scrunchies! Not only will you be treated to how to make these wonderful scrunchies, you’ll get to see some terrifically embarrassing pictures of Dani from the 90’s too! So as always, grab your materials and machine and enjoy a totally tubular episode of On The Mend.

We’ve put all the On The Mend contact info below, so feel free to reach out with any questions, tips, tricks, or better techniques you may think could help Dani and the rest of the viewers. Enjoy the show and happy sewing!

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