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On The Mend: Episode 3

Cactus pincushion

A Pile of Pins

Welcome back to another episode of On The Mend! Well it appears that after several projects, Dani has come to the realization that the floor, table, and her hair are not great places to keep your pins. In this month’s episode, she’s figured out a way to combine her love of plants with her passion for sewing—a cactus pincushion. So get your materials and sew along, or just sit back and laugh while she stumbles her way through another project. Enjoy!

We’ve put all the On The Mend contact info below, so feel free to reach out with any questions, tips, tricks, or better techniques you may think could help Dani and the rest of the viewers. Also, be sure to post or send pictures of your completed projects! We will showcase as many of them on the blog that we can. Enjoy the show and happy sewing!

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