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On The Mend: Episode 1

On the mend

Hanging Planter

Welcome to On The Mend! We are so excited to begin this new adventure with you. On The Mend is a new show designed around a beginner, whose fun project ideas are sure to make it onto your to-do list. Filled with corny jokes and lots of mistakes, this sew-along show will keep you entertained each month.

The only problem? I did mention our host, the wonderful Dani, is definitely in the category of beginner. All of us remember—or are still there—feeling overwhelmed with new projects, feeling like you’ll never get better. Well Dani has decided to face those fears head on. And that’s the essence of On The Mend. Each month Dani will make a new project, and hopefully, along with all of you, continue to improve.

We’ve put all the On The Mend contact info below, so feel free to reach out with any questions, tips, tricks, or better techniques you may think could help Dani and the rest of the viewers. Also, be sure to post or send pictures of your completed projects! We will showcase as many of them on the blog that we can. Enjoy the show and happy sewing!

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