Important Update

These are unprecedented times. As the world deals with an ever-growing health crisis we feel it is important to update our customers on some of the things Missouri Sewing Machine Company will be doing to help our communities stay safe. Small businesses, independent entrepreneurs and hobbyists all rely on us for important supplies and services to maintain production, and in some ways a semblance of normal life during these difficult times. Here’s an update on some key changes going on with the company:

  • We will be altering our regular business hours at all of our locations. While we feel it is important to continue to provide much needed supplies to those who need them, we have decided to shorten the amount of hours we’re open to do our part in social distancing.

  • We disinfect all of our stores/products every day. This is taken very seriously, and we can ensure everyone that all precautionary measures are taken to ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees, and community.
  • Our Hands On By Floriani event has been postponed, we are working on setting a new date for later in the year and we will be notifying all those who have signed up when an update is available.
  • All classes and clubs held at Mosew will be cancelled through April. We believe the safety of our customers is paramount, and we will take every step to ensure that safety is upheld. We know this is an inconvenience, but it is in everyone’s best interest and health that we cancel group assemblies.
  • We will be providing free shipping on all orders over $10, for all of our products, including those not currently on the website. If we sell it, it ships free and as fast as possible. This includes notions, thread, feet, machines etc. We know some people may not be comfortable leaving the house during these times, so we will make sure you get what you need as quickly as we can.
  • We will be providing curbside pickup and drop-off. If you need to pickup or drop-off your machine for service, or are picking up an order from us, simply park in our parking lot, give us a call, and we’ll come to you.
  • Due to a forecasted increase in phone calls, we request that you fill out the form on this page detailing anything you need, and one of our team members will contact you by phone or email as quickly as possible.

Some Positives!

  • You can finally finish all those unfinished projects! You know which ones we’re talking about. That pile of fabric isn’t going anywhere either, so it’s time to finish all those projects you’ve been putting off.
  • We’re here to help! This is a wonderful time to improve your craft, and learn some great tips and tricks along the way. Feel free to reach out when you get stuck sewing those difficult curves, or need help with those pesky zippers. Our team of experts can get you headed in the right direction.
  • Send us your projects! Send us anything you’re working on during this respite from the outside world and we’ll start publishing them in our newsletter. Just because we can’t all get together doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. We’ve added a section to send us pictures of your projects in the form below, or feel free to reach out on social media!
  • Help us make face masks! The health professionals in our country are overwhelmed right now, and they could use all the help they can get. Missouri Sewing Machine Company will be a drop-off location for those of you who would like to make masks, and drop them off at any of our store locations. Here’s a link to our information page with a pattern and instructions. CLICK HERE

Missouri Sewing Machine Company has the absolute best community of customers, and over the last 88 years we’ve been through a lot together. We thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding as we traverse these very difficult times.

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