Introducing The New Baby Lock…


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The New Baby Lock Solaris has a new 2 spool thread stand that easily snaps onto the machine and does not require the lid to be removed.

Any size of thread spool can be used with the new 2 spool thread stand and there are no extra steps to take.

With a throat space of 13” x 5” there is no project too big for the Solaris.

The Solaris comes with 14 different presser feet, four different embroidery hoops, and plenty of tools to help you in your sewing needs.

You can use one or two needle beams to keep your patterns aligned. Plus you can choose between red, green, or white for the colors of the needle beams, and 45, 60, or 90 degree angles.

The redesigned automatic buttonhole foot is equipped with a stabilizer plate to help feed thicker fabrics. Plus, the size of the buttonhole is determined by the Solaris’ built-in camera actually scanning the button itself. And it can now make a buttonhole up to 1.77”.

Of the 861 built-in stitches, there are 527 decorative stitches in the Solaris.


33 different fill patterns are built-in to the redesigned IQ Designer.

Automatic echo quilting is now possible with the Solaris. You can adjust the spacing between each line and the distance away from the design.

These are the 33 different fills that come with the Solaris.

Along with the needle beam guide is the ability to have a grid projected onto your project. The grid can be adjusted from 5mm to 30mm, and both the needle beam guide and grid have 4 different projection light levels. Plus, the length, width, and height are adjustable. 

There is a new hoop in town, and it’s a big one. The total embroidery field is now 10-5/8” x 16”. The hoops have a new locking mechanism and silicone side grips for slip free fabric support.

The New IQ Designer has arrived. It has 90 Preloaded open, closed and region shapes. It also has 18 Different stitch patterns including running, bean, satin, no outline, chainstitch, blanket, blindhem, candlewicking and 10 decorative stitch outlines. There are 33 different fill patterns: regular fill, no fill, Stipple inside or around a shape, and 30 decorative pattern fills. You can duplicate and paste and edit preloaded shapes, adjust line, fill and stippling width, length and density properties, change the underlay, undo and redo options, and an outline stamp shape creation for Trapunto techniques. There are now 2 scanning modes for line drawings and illustrations.

The Solaris has IQVisionary Projection. This means it will project the stitch you have selected onto your fabric. The stitch selection, width, length and left/right shift is adjusted directly on the fabric by using the new Dual Stylus and projection technology.

With IQVisionary the Solaris projects your embroidery design directly onto the fabric. This allows you to see exactly where the design will be placed so you can adjust the position, angle, and size with the highest possible accuracy. Can you tell which design is the projected one?

It took us a minute too.

The Solaris has WXGA IPS TFT LCD Color Touch Screen. What that basically means is the screen quality is the same as a computer tablet, it can be clearly seen at any viewing angle, and it has a high resolution. It is 10.1” measured diagonally, shows 16,777,216 colors, displays clock and date, has three times the processing speed, can play Mpeg-4 movies at display size of 6.2” diagonally, and has 1 gigabyte of storage exclusively for video.

The needle plate can be removed by sliding a switch. There are no more screws, which makes cleaning and oiling your Solaris much easier.

The new Embroidery Edit screen has been redesigned to provide you more editing features with less buttons. With the use of subcategories it will be easier to navigate to the adjustments you want to make.

The new Palette 11 Digitizing software is easier than ever to use. It sends designs wirelessly to the Solaris. No more cords required. The new software key gives you hassle-free access to Palette 11 capabilities and has an improved user interface. The new simple navigation menu gives you quick access to your settings, and you can connect Baby Lock multi-needle machines to finish multiple projects more efficiently. There are 54 built-in decorative fill patterns, has the ability to do echo quilting, and includes a programmable stitch creator to modify any of the 54 patterns, create new decorative fill stitch patterns, and create your own fill patterns. Palette 11 converts fill inclination lines into curved lines, has a flexible spiral stitch that moves the radius point to create off-centered spirals, and includes a larger variety of fill decorations. There is an updated thread chart, and Palette can split patterns with embroidery positioning sticker. Palette now has an improved object tracing and increased color control and contrast for the lifelike Photo stitch digitizing. So to summarize, it’s cool.

The new Solaris touch screen allows you to use two fingers to select object, adjust their size, and rotate them.

There are LED lights that illuminate all 13” of the Solaris’ throat space.

The redesigned utility stitch screen makes selecting the stitch and adjusting them easier. The wording is easier to read, and the icons are more visible.

The angle guide lets you line up objects at a 45, 60, or 90-degree angle. You can adjust the length of each line, and their intensity.

There are new categories of embroidery designs that help you find the type of design you are looking for. And since there are 740 designs, 140 frame designs, and 31 fonts we will need all the help we can get.

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